Sunday, February 22, 2015

Making Custom-Treated Paper

Often at the end of a long painting day, I have left over acrylic paint on my palette. I really hate to throw it out or try and save it, especially if there is really no special mixture that I will need the next day. So, I often use the leftover paint to make custom-treated papers.

The paper sample that you see in the detailed picture uses tracing paper that has been crinkled, laid flat and painted with washes of acrylic paint, using a spray bottle with water to mix the colors. I dry everything with a hairdryer and then dry-brush Gold paint on top. Now, I have no paint to throw out and a custom paper to use later on! For a step-by-step demonstration on making handmade paper, check out my book Art Revolution. For creating custom papers, check out a great demonstration from my book Experimental Painting (North Light Books).

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