Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Journals and Sketchbooks!

A new book called Art Journal Kickstarter (North Light Books) just came out and  features work from my journals and those of many other mixed-media artists!

"With back-to-back journal pages from almost 100 artists, you’ll embark on an exploration filled with top-notch techniques and the kind of journal fodder that your artistic soul has been craving! So soak it up and discover the stories behind each artist’s personal pages."  - Kristy Conlin

My sketchbook work, on the other hand, is featured in a book called Sketchbook Confidential 2 (North Light Books). Check out my figure study on the cover!

"In Sketchbook Confidential 2 you'll hear from more than 41 masterful artists. Great for art students, teachters, aspiring artists and art aficionados alike this book is a trusted reference for those looking to create and live a more artistic life. Hear about how these artists approach drawing & sketching whether it's their favorite medium or a stepping stone to their final results."  - Pam Wissman