Sunday, February 8, 2015

Exploring Automatism!

Automatism is a term coined by the Surrealist movement. It is a way of painting and drawing that responds to some source of stimuli. Whether it is music, poetry, literature, a dream or a memory, automatism in drawing and painting has helped artists to free themselves, creating imaginative work of the artistic subconscious.                                                                                   
In this process picture, I am painting with a branch from a pine tree. The entire piece was inspired from a nature walk and many of the tools I used to create the work were from natural elements, including tree bark, pine cones, leaves and the like.

When you are creatively blocked, it is important to change up your process and approach. It is incredibly refreshing to create without intent. To work in in an automatic way, start with some kind of stimulus: something inspirational or emotionally moving. Allow your brush or drawing instrument to move and respond to the sounds, sights, smells or tactile stimuli. To read more about automatism, research the surrealist movement and the art of Andre Brenton. For a full step-by-step demonstration featuring the mixed-media painting above entitled Serenity, check out my book Experimental Painting!

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