Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year with New Beginnings

As 2012 winds down, I began to contemplate about my plans and goals for the new year. In preparation, I went on a cleaning spree, going through my entire studio. I purged the things that I no longer use, need or want to do. It was quite liberating! I found things that I had forgotten about and was able to restructure and reorganize so that I have a better system in place. In addition, I am in the midst of redesigning the studio. Yes, I am in total makeover mode! The new design is going to be inspired by Professor Dumbledore’s office. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know just the look I’m going for. There will also be a bit of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings influence as well. Since all great fantasy, world-building novels begin with a map, I’m thinking about using wallpaper of vintage maps to dress the walls. I am also on the hunt for an Art Nouveau spiral staircase that I can patina and use as a bookshelf for all my great art books and fantasy novels. In regards to decorative accents, I am utilizing lots of my treasured found objects, including a very cool door knocker on the entrance of the studio. Since this is going to be a long and involved project, I am open to any ideas and suggestions you may have that fit with my scheme.
In addition to the studio cleanup and makeover, I have also begun to contemplate on the direction of my work, developing ideas about where I would like to go in the years to come. It is very important every year to think about your work as a whole and the direction it is moving. For me, this meant developing a brand new website, and adding a boutique that would offer merchandise such as journals, cards, smartphone cases, skins and other such products featuring my work. I also have some video ideas in the works so stay tuned.


  1. The studio re-make sounds exciting. Remember to leave a spot for a Phoenix ;)

    also, love the website. the Homepage is breathtaking.

  2. Oh yes the Phoenix is a must! Good call!

  3. it started me on a marathon of crochet afghans that was both loved and hated. acrylic lace pool deck