Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working in Assemblage Video available for Download!

This video covers creatively customizing found objects, assemblage accents and sculptural creations with unique finishes and patinas. A diverse array of techniques and materials from repurposed and custom-treated natural and man-made elements are explored. Working in bas-relief and dealing with the structural issues of assemblage accents and three-dimensional work are also discussed.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspirational Mixed Media Art Techniques!

Inspirational Mixed Media Art Techniques:
This online mixed media workshop will investigate exploratory methodologies, techniques, and approaches in mixed-media art. Throughout this mixed-media workshop, exciting in-depth demonstrations will be shown, providing an extensive array of visually-stimulating mixed-media art project possibilities for artists to explore. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed media techniques will be covered. For artists who are looking to push their mixed-media ideas and work to a new level, this workshop will be a valuable resource and an ongoing source for creative inspiration.

Transforming the Surface with Mixed Media Painting Techniques!

Transforming the Surface with Mixed Media Painting Techniques is now available for download!
This video covers a striking array of creative approaches in which to alter and transform the mixed-media painting surface. Lushly painted passages and rich transitions employing resist, blotting, lift-off, dissolve, marbling, sponging, distressing, aging and printmaking techniques are shown in inventive combinations. Utilizing both traditional and unconventional tools and techniques, this presentation will certainly ignite the creative juices!