Sunday, January 18, 2015

Five Day Art Challenge: Day Three!

This is day three of my five day art challenge. Today's topic ventures on the darker side.
Featured to the right is my mixed-media painting entitled Night Fury it is featured in my book Experimental Painting as well as in AcrylicWorks2: The Best in Acrylic Painting (North Light Books). On the top left is a detail of my painting In the Mist.  It uses lots of textural relief and can be seen in my recorded webinar Creative Explorations in Mixed Media: Assemblage Accents, that is available for download. It covers creatively customizing found objects, assemblage accents and sculptural creations with unique finishes and patinas. To enliven the mixed-media landscape, a diverse array of techniques and materials from repurposed and custom-treated natural and man-made elements are explored. 
The Final Hour (bottom left), also shown as a detail, is featured as a process step-by-step demonstration in my book Experimental Painting (North Light Books).

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