Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Day Art Challenge!

Artist and illustrator Stephanie Dalton Cowan challenged me to post 3 images a day for five days as part of the viral art challenge. So today is the first day! The topic is flowers and creatures found in nature! I dedicate my first day to artist and illustrator Michelle Temares, who has graced my presence in the Hartford Art School MFA program where I teach. She loves flowers, so I thought this would bring some sunshine to her day! Her life is being celebrated in a Facebook page called Draw for Michelle.

Michelle has cancer and the faculty, students and alumni of the Hartford Art School as well as artists from all around the world are coming together to celebrate art with Michelle who can longer physically create because of her illness. I think the greatest pictures we make are the ones that we paint with our words and our actions. They are eternal images created in the minds, hearts and souls of others. Michelle you may not be able to use your hands but you continue to create beautiful, eternal, ever-lasting pictures and have inspired many. What an amazing legacy! Sending great blessings and love your way! 

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