Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Type and Image Transfers!

When it comes to utilizing your own typography or sketches in your art, direct or indirect transfers can be very effective. You will need to design your typography on the computer or scan in your sketch, reverse the type or image, print it out using an inkjet printer, preferably one that uses pigment-based inks, onto white bond paper. You can also use a xerography machine. Next, use acrylic matte gel medium directly onto the print surface, making sure not to cover the entire sheet of paper. I use an Epson 3800 inkjet printer with pigment-based inks onto bond paper or double-sided matte paper.

Then place the reverse image, with acrylic matte gel medium on it, face down onto the textured surface. It takes about an hour to set, humidity depending, and then you will be able to lift the paper off. Let it dry overnight. The next day, spray water onto the transfer surface and lift the remaining paper (which looks like tissue ) off with your finger. I like to use a clean rubber cement pickup eraser to do the job. When the excess paper is fully removed, the ink part of the image will be the only thing that remains.

In addition, to apply typography to a surface you can use press type. Letraset used to make it for graphic designers back in the day. To apply the type, all you need to do is burnish it on and then seal it with acrylic matte medium. Here is an article using image transfers and collage on clay bord (Claybord) panel by artist Dana Brown from Amersand Art Supply.

Here is a video from Golden Artist Colors to watch, if you are interested in in direct image transfers:

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