Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Using Cradled Panels!

As many of you know, I love to use cradled panels. In particular, I have been using the gesso (Gessobord) and clay board (Claybord) panels from Ampersand Art Supply. Shown is a picture of two custom (Claybord) panels created by Ampersand Art Supply to my specific specifications. The edges are taped off because I treating them with GAC 100 and gesso primer. But there is so much more you can do with them!

I would like to share with you a great article from Ampersand Art Supply on the Top 10 Ideas for Finishing Cradled Edges. From using stain, ink, polyurethane and acrylic paint to more textural effects like collage, cold wax, texture gels and gilding, there are almost endless ways in which to decorate the edges of your cradled panels.

Articles, Books and More from Ampersand!
Encaustics on Encausticbord™
• Encausticbord™ ATC’s with Patricia Seggebruch

Oils on Gessobord™ by Jennifer Phillips
Using multiple Gessobord™ panels by Rebecca Crowell
Oils on Gessobord™ by Andrea Pramuk
Oils on Gessobord™ by Stella Alesi
Mixed Media techniques on Gessobord™ by Natalie Oswald

Applying Oil Painting Ground to Hardbord™ by Scott Gellatly
Priming wood panels with acrylic gesso and oil primer by Andrea Pramuk
How-to connect DEEP Cradle Panels by Andrea Pramuk
Mounting flexible supports to panel, an archival practice by Andrea Pramuk

Mastering Scratchboard by Norman Gaddini (book)
Scratchbord™ techniques by Sally Maxwell
General tips on Scratchbord™

Colored pencil techniques on Pastelbord™ by Elizabeth A. Patterson
Innovative pastel techniques on Pastelbord™ by Barb Pinc
Acrylics on White Pastelbord™ by Ken Muenzenmayer

Mixed Media techniques on Claybord™ by Cynthia Mosser
• How to mount paper on Claybord
Image transfer & collage - A demonstration with artist Dana Brown using Claybord™
Acrylic Painting on Claybord™ by Rock Newcomb
India Inks on Claybord™ by Charles Ewing

Presenting Aquabord™ without glass by Stephen Quiller

Watercolors on Aquabord™ by Karen Vernon
How to mount watercolors to panel by Dustan Knight

• Working on Aquabord with watercolor by Michael Ireland
Watercolors on Aquabord™ by Ali Cavanaugh

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