Friday, March 27, 2015

This Week: Experimental Figure Painting the Mythical Realm!

 It was a great week with my online workshop EXPERIMENTAL FIGURE PAINTING IN MIXED MEDIA: The Mythical Realm!

For week one, we explored Ancient Egyptian Mythology. We also studied the role and influence that history, mythology, literature and the like have had on fantastical world building and imaginative visual storytelling. 

In addition, we studied the creation of message-driven art through the use of symbolism, metaphor and allegory as well as utilizing anagrams, visual puzzles and hidden messages in mixed-media art.  Pluralism and non-linear storytelling were also covered. 

Experimental techniques using graphite and various tools and treatments helped to create unique textural effects onto fantastical characters, as each artist begins to explore compositional strategies and value studies. 

More techniques to come next week, as we employ both two-dimensional and three-dimensional approaches, innovative tools and unconventional materials! Norse Mythology is the focus for next week. Sound like fun? Join us for the next 6-week session!

Experimental Figure Painting in Mixed Media: The Mythical Realm
March 23 to May 1, 2015  IN SESSION
Next Session: May 4 to June 12, 2015

Course Length: 6 weeks
Tuition: $300.00

Coming Up in April:
April 6 to May 1, 2015
This online month-to-month workshop is for intermediate and advanced artists that are looking to refine their skills to produce professional works for the fine or commercial art marketplace. Artists will work on their own self-generated projects at a pace they feel comfortable with. In addition to weekly assistance with portfolio development, the class will cover a variety of topics from professional business practices, promotional strategies, merchandising, social media and public relations to studio practices, experimental and traditional painting techniques and an exciting multitude of artistic inspirational resources. Artists can choose to work on works of art, start a website, develop an identity package, set up a social media presence, create a video of their work, develop a merchandise line, or a combination of art and business etc. It is up to each artist how they want to use their class time. Discussions regarding personal outlook, growth and development will also help each artist to explore and expand upon their own creative process as well as establish successful business goals for the long term.

Check out art created by artists attending my online workshops: 

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