Thursday, September 17, 2015

Magical Dreamscapes & Imaginative Figures!

To learn more about Magical Dreamscapes, Imaginative Figures and tactile landscapes of abstraction, attend my mixed-media painting, weekend workshop in NYC at The Art Students League. It starts next Saturday Sept 26! Hope to see you there!

EXPERIMENTAL PAINTING: Inspirational Approaches in Mixed Media

September 26 to 27, 2015
Weekend Intensive Workshop, Limited to 12 Students

In-Process Mixed-Media Dreamscape on Printmaking Paper
I am working on several dreamscape scenes on BFK Rives printmaking paper. The in-process image above features a water scene. A river bank is on the left and the scene brings our eye around the corner of sparkling golden shrubbery to something fantastical happening in the background! (Can't reveal the back will have to wait for the visual novel to come out for that.)

To create a working surface, I gesso the full sheet of paper on both sides with a sponge roller. I make sure to fully cover the sheet, including the decaled edges. The gesso application makes the paper nice and heavy to work on. 

In the above detail shot, I am starting to block in the scene using large brushes, sponges and a painting knife. I am also scratching into the wet paint surface with a wood stick to make drawn-like details.
In-Process Mixed-Media Dreamscape on Illustration Board
This very tactile dreamscape is on illustration board and is just in the very beginnings of a block-in stage. In the ocean scene above, the viewer in coming out of a dark cave and into the light of a magical land. You can see the sea crashing up onto the rocks on the right-hand side and an architectural structure just being started in the mid-ground of the left-hand side. There are steps going up to the structure, which I have to begin to draw in the building and surrounding details. Much to do here! 

Just started pulling details of the wood sprite out of the background which has lots of dripping, cracking and layering of collage and  mixed-media painting techniques being employed on the surface of the custom-made dimensional panel. The same tactile look and feel is carried onto the sides of the cradled panel to unite the surface. 

To create the unique topography, I used handmade papers that I created for the piece. The papers had elements from nature embedded into the surface which added a nice touch to the forest-driven concept. Acrylic gesso, molding paste and crackle paste were applied on top, revealing the layers beneath in an organic way.  

I just love how the dripping paint that runs down the surface starts to bring out the details in the forest in a very interesting, visual provocative way. Lots more details to add and painting to do on this!  

For more information on making as well as sculpting handmade paper, check out my book Art Revolution

For intriguing mixed-media techniques, check out my book Experimental Painting

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