Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Drawn to the Music Exhibition!

I will be in an upcoming exhibition at the Society of Illustrators in NYC called Drawn to the Music. My mixed-media work entitled  Mademoiselle du Carnaval
was inspired by the lyrics of Elysium, which was composed by Chlo√© Charody  in 2008 and included in Charody’s circus opera The Carnival. Her musical inspiration for the piece came from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire. Every time I listen to the musical composition, I am so emotionally overcome by the pure beauty of the work. (Listen below)

Title: Mademoiselle du Carnaval
Artist: Lisa L. Cyr
Size: 12" x 9” x 1” 
Media: acrylic and mixed media 
Surface: Paper over panel with wooden framework

My work was originally commissioned by Acrylic Artist Magazine, where I discussed my inspiration from the opera and its music in addition to detailing my process in creating the piece. The titled of the article is called Arabesque: Dance of the Drawn, Dripped and Painted Line.

From the exhibition curated by Leslie Cober-Gentry: "Whether you Paint it Black as the Rolling Stones wrote it, Draw the Line as Aerosmith sang it (Hirschfeld illustrated their iconic cover), pay homage to Andy Warhol as Bowie played it, or a tribute to Picasso Baby as JZ rapped it, music has always been influenced by art and art by music."

At the conclusion of the exhibition, the show will travel to FTC The Warehouse/ StageOne music venue in Connecticut, where a second opening reception will take place, followed by a concert.


  1. A lovely composition and what a fantastic voice to be able to perform it with such fluidity and meaning.