Thursday, August 3, 2017

Living a Creative Life Video Interview!

Check out my recent two-part video interview with the fabulous Madeline Faiella of Maddy's Girlz!!! I discuss my work and life as an artist, sharing insights and experiences.

Check out the Videos:


I have been very busy pollinating my Figure of the Imagination Patreon site . Patrons are enjoying the Weekly Insights postings on my concepts and the symbolic meanings behind them in my work, making comments and sharing their own insights! In the coming weeks, I am going to mix things up a bit, alternating between concept postings with my Weekly Insights to topics such as Explorations in Color, Studio Tips, Mythology, Storytelling and so much more. Every week, there will be a Weekly Insight about something a bit different. The Weekly Insights are available at the $1.00/month level. When I reach my first goal, I will do a Podcast which will be available to all patrons! I am also gathering resources and recommendations from the group and some great sources are brewing! 

The Figure of the Imagination private blog has been started, with the first post on making custom collagraph prints! 

Patreon will be the only place I will post demos and how-to content from now on. I also am no longer offering classes online. 
Pledges start at as little as $1 per month and include: 

Access to my Patreon-exclusive Feed

Receive Inspirational Insights: a weekly inspir
journals, signed postcards and signature wallpapers for your computer are available at different levels. There are lots of great content and rewards, including private portfolio reviews, limited edition prints and so much more! Check it all out at:

Inspirational & motivational message from me to guide you along your Creative Journey!

Special Acknowledgment...Your name on upcoming books, videos, exhibitions and other projects! I am so honored to have your support, I will also add your name to a special Patron Landing Page on my website!

First to know about upcoming exhibitions, events, sale of paintings, books, videos, merchandise etc.

Once I reach my first goal of $200/mo, You will also receive my monthly podcast! Listen while you work!

Get to vote on topics for my weekly Inspirational Insights and Upcoming Podcast! 

Access to Downloadable Wallpapers

Plus all previous rewards

10% Discount off Select Specialty Merchandise direct from the artist! I will have unique, signature items available for my Patrons!

Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Works in Progress
Plus all previous rewards

20% Discount off Select Specialty Merchandise direct from the artist! I will have unique, signature items available for my Patrons!

Signed Exclusive Postcard sent to you!

Plus all previous rewards

One Time: Signed copy of my Creative Writing Journal “Paint Picture with Words” featuring The Creative Spirit Within(available after second month of patronage)

Exploratory Process & Technique postings...Learn how to create intriguing effects! Private access to the Figure of the Imagination Blog!

Plus all previous rewards

One Time Patreon Exclusive: A hand-marked, signed copy of one of my mixed-media books! (Experimental Painting or Art Revolution). Available after the second month of patronage.

Plus all previous rewards


One Time Patreon Exclusive: A hand-marked, signed limited-edition print of The Visionary (shown above) or an image of your choice that is still available. (sent after the second month of patronage) 17" x 13" sized print in Edition of 200.

Plus all previous rewards

Individual Portfolio Review of your Art on Skype (Three pieces of art total per year). Each one hour review will be spread out to one piece of art every four months, with the first review to begin after the second month of patronage. This is renewable every year.

Plus all previous rewards

Original Sketch Artwork by the Artist (sent after 3 months of patronage.)

Private notification of all Artwork for Sale 

20% Discount on the Sale of Artwork and Specialty Merchandise direct from the artist! I will have unique, signature items available for my Patrons! 

Plus all previous rewards except the Personal Skype Review from the Luminere tier.

Figure of the Imagination is an ongoing, labor of love project and this campaign is the foundation for that creative effort. Your support will allow me to further my passion for all things fantastical, taking you along on the artistic adventure with me. From the preliminary concepts, sketches and the production of unique costuming, masks, headdresses and embellishments through to the final execution, you will witness my journey. This unique, behind-the-scenes access is only available through your generous support of my work on Patreon

As the body of work grows, I plan on releasing signature, limited-edition books as well as videos with hybrid, multimedia approaches to storytelling throughout. In addition, illustrated sketchbooks of the work in series, note card sets, creative writing journals and inspirational calendars will also be created. I hope to someday have a major traveling exhibition of the work as a whole!

As an ongoing patron, you will not only receive special rewards but also VIP access to private openings, special discounts to newly released products and so much more! When certain goals are reached, I will have monthly audio postings on creativity, group chats online, process and inspirational insight postings, technical tips and behind-the-scenes videos, just to name a few. 

I am very excited to go on this fantastical journey. Let’s do it together! Sign up HERE!

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