Tuesday, December 12, 2017

NEW VIDEO SERIES: Working in Relief!

As part of my Figure of the Imagination series, I just release a new video on Patreon entitled Working in Relief! Throughout the video, I demonstrate working in various gel and fluid mediums to build texture onto the painted surface. I show how to employ pastes, gels, black lava, gel pen, matter painting and crackle texture to the painting surface in layers. This is the first in a three-part series where I demonstrate how to create intriguing sculptural effects onto the painted surface! Join Patreon as a Magician patron and work alongside me in this series! Sign up here

This tier ($25.00/mo) ALSO includes:

One Time: Signed copy of my Creative Writing Journal “Paint Picture with Words” featuring The Creative Spirit Within(available after second month of patronage)

Figure of the Imagination: Exploratory Process & Technique monthly postings and videos...Learn how to create intriguing effects!

JUST IMAGINE: Creative Storytelling in Journals & Sketchbooks Series!
Once a month, I explore developing personal content through journaling and sketching in handmade and custom-altered books. Topics will include not only mixed-media techniques, creating unique constructions, innovative bindery techniques, alternative formats, custom endpapers, surface and border treatments, hand lettering and repurposed accents but also employing sequential storytelling, automatism writing techniques, freeform explorations and hybrid formats to convey an engaging visual tale.

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