Thursday, February 13, 2020

New Website + New Works + New Workshops + Lectures!

FIGURE OF THE IMAGINATION: Creating Imaginary Worlds 
with Lisa L. Cyr 

By amassing myself into the midst of other worldly places, I create a portal, transcending me back to a time when the creative spirit reigned in a vast and limitless field of dreams. In my world of the fantastic, supernatural beings, winged guardians and underworld deities coalesce in magical, epic dreamscapes, heavenly realms and timeless places. Adventurous quests to worlds beyond awaken my subconscious, leaving me spellbound and wanting more. 

Figure of the Imagination is an ongoing, labor of love project that I have launched as a new website. I have developed a series of new workshops ! From Mixed Media, Collage + Assemblage, Mixed Media Masterclass and Expressive Painting in Watermedia to The Art of Working on an Epic Scale and Expressive Mixed-Media Drawing Techniques, there is a workshop for you! Checkout the list of venues near you.

I have also developed a series of new lectures! From FIGURE OF THE IMAGINATION: An Artist's Journey and JUST IMAGINE: Creative Storytelling in Journals and Sketchbooks to EXPERIMENTAL PAINTING: Using Exploratory Processes to Create Imaginative Works and ART REVOLUTION: Reinterpret, Reinvent & Redefine, there is an interesting array of thought-provoking lectures to get your creative joices flowing! 

If you are a college professor or a member of an art organization, I can customize a lecture and/or workshop to meet the needs of your students or group. Contact me at to discuss the details.

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I am very excited about my new website...check it out!

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