Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Instructor: Lisa L. Cyr

​This video-driven workshop will explore bas-relief techniques onto the painted surface. Students will have private access to four high-definition videos through online streaming.
Student work in relief

In the first video, the artist demonstrates working in various gel and fluid mediums to build texture onto the painted surface. She also shows how to employ pastes, lava gel, gel pens, matter painting and crackle texture to the dimensional surface in layers.
Student Work in Relief

In the second video, the artist demonstrates the sculptural application of various cloth and trim to the working surface to create a unique topography. In addition, she will show how bas-relief techniques can be used to make a custom collagraph plate for embossing watercolor paper that can later be painted in acrylics.

Student Work in Relief

In the third video, the artist employs assemblage accents, creates flexible accents from molds, incorporates unique sculptural details and applies custom textures onto the surfaces of a unique construct. The final video in the series demonstrates how to create unique faux finishes onto assemblage accents.
Student Work in Relief
​In addition to the unique video access, Live Group Chats with the artist will be conducted every other Saturday to discuss each participant's work that has been created in relief, as a result of the insights and techniques gained from watching the videos!

Required: Computer with video and audio, access to the web and a gmail account


The Institute of Art & Design at New England College

​Fall 2020 Saturday sessions
8 weeks

Sept 19 to Nov 7, 2020

​Live Group Chats: 10:00am to 12:30 EST online video conferencing, every other Saturday
(4 Videos and 4 Live Chats)

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