Saturday, September 5, 2020

JUST IMAGINE: Creative Storytelling in Sketchbooks + Journals

Instructor: Lisa L. Cyr

“Stories come to me unbidden, flowing out in a dream-like stream of consciousness. Guided by my intuition, I begin to paint, further straddling the edge between fantasy and reality.”

This exciting online workshop will focus on the development of personal content through the exploration of visual storytelling and creative writing, establishing a portal to the world within. Journalistic writing as well as drawing and painting inside handmade and custom-altered books with engaging layouts and formats, unique bindings, clever folds, intriguing die-cuts and visually stimulating add-ons will be shown and demonstrated. In addition, the online workshop will cover creative writing techniques, sequential storytelling, artistic book design and layout, experimental typography and unconventional approaches to drawing and painting. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques will be explored in interesting combinations to enhance creative exploration, providing an interesting array of possibilities for artists and creative writers.

This online workshop will also provide private access to the instructor's blog JUST IMAGINE: Creative Storytelling in Sketchbooks + Journals, which contains video content as well as a vast array of inspirational artistic resources. This online workshop is for creative writers and artists of all levels.
Required: Computer with video and audio, access to the web and a gmail account


The Institute of Art & Design at New England College

Fall 2020 Saturday sessions
8 weeks

​Sept 19 to Nov 7, 2020

Live Group Chats: 1:30pm to 4:00pm EST online video conferencing


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