Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Working in Relief on the Painted Surface Supply List

Note: Many supplies are optional and not required but will be demonstrated by the instructor. Feel free to email lisa@cyrstudio.com, if you have any questions.

Heavy Body Acrylic Paints

Black Waterproof Ink

Acrylic Matte Medium - Liquitex preferred

Acrylic Gel Matte Medium - Liquitex preferred

Molding Paste - Golden Brand preferred 

Lava Gel (optional)

Pebo Cerne Relief (optional)

Kroma Crackle (optional)

Gesso: white - prefer Dick Blick Professional gesso (thick) but any gesso will do

Synthetic Brushes: (at least a small round, flat (large and medium size) and a fan brush - bring more brushes if you have them)

Painting knife: wide flat tip

Offset Pastry Spatula (optional)

Plastic Palette (or several cleaned meat and egg containers)


Metal Ruler

Wooden Stick or back of paint brush: sharpened at tip

Any rigid (non-flexible) surface will do for practicing the techniques

Cotton Cloth or Gauze Cloth, Burlap, Heavy Lace, Cheesecloth, Interfacing, etc. white prefered ...use what you have

Two Containers for Water: large yogurt containers or coffee cans work well (nothing too small or shallow)


Painter’s tape: 1”

Wax Paper

Sand or Saw Dust (optional)

Aluminum Foil: heavy-duty (Do not get non-stick)

Spray Bottle (small mist sprayer)

Plastic Comb: wide-tooth or Plastic Fork

Anything with a low relief embossed surface (wood or metal accents, etc.)

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