Thursday, December 10, 2020

Experimental Painting Lecture!

This highly-visual lecture will investigate exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art. Throughout the presentation, many exciting in-depth examples and demonstrations will be shown, providing an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques will be covered, including employing alternative working grounds, creating custom tools, toning the painting surface in imaginative ways, creating a tactile ground, building the visual architecture and utilizing innovative mixed-media techniques to create intriguing effects. To assist artists in their own creative path, topics on nurturing the creative spirit, developing personal content through journalism, embracing a multidisciplinary mindset and creating message-driven art will also be discussed.

Date: Saturday December 12th 10:00am - 12:30pm ET

This is a LIVE Lecture on Zoom! Q + A with the speaker is included

Required: Computer, phone, or tablet with video and/or audio, access to the web


Students registered for one or both Spring 2021 courses offered through New England College by Lisa Cyr before the lecture may attend for 50% off or for free. Email to learn more.

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