NEW: One-on-one Mentorship Online!

If you are working on a new body of work and want assistance in moving your vision forward, this unique mentorship program is for you! Through one-on-one live group chats on Zoom, you will be able to get guidance throughout your working process. In addition, discussions regarding artistic growth and development, nurturing the creative spirit and developing personal content will also be included as a way to assist you on your creative path.

Required: Computer with video and audio, access to the web.

You can sign-up for one session or receive a discount for multiple sessions. Meetings options are available month-to-month. 


one hour session

The date and time are scheduled upon payment to fit your needs.

$100.00 US



Four - one hour sessions

The dates and times are scheduled upon payment to fit your needs. You can schedule all of your sessions in one month or over a 4 month period. 

$300 US

(Savings of $100!)



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