NEW: Asynchronous Online Workshop in Relief!


Instructor: Lisa L. Cyr

This exciting Asynchronous Online Workshop explores texture-building and bas-relief techniques onto the painted surface. Students will have private access to a highly-visual class blog, containing lectures and step-by-step demonstrations with high-definition videos through online streaming. Throughout the workshop, the artist demonstrates working with various gel and fluid mediums as well as pastes, grounds and crackle texture to create a unique topography in layers. Lushly painted passages and rich transitions using acrylic paint in various viscosities are employed onto the painting surface in creative combinations. To further build the relief, the sculptural application of various cloth, trim and other materials as well as matter painting with sand are employed, creating a highly-dimensional painting environment. Incorporating assemblage accents and unique sculptural details using molds onto the surfaces of a unique construct are also demonstrated. Both additive and subtractive processes are shown, providing an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore! 


Live Group Chats with the artist will be conducted for Q+A and to discuss work that has been created in relief, as a result of the insights and techniques gained from the class!


Required: Computer with video and audio, access to the web and a gmail account


Asynchronous Online Workshop

8 week sessions

$350.00 US

Classroom Blog Content and Video Access for 3 months

Two - one hour group Q+A sessions with instructor (included but not required)

Group Q+A Sessions available every month



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