Preparing Surfaces!

As I prepare to work on several pieces, I begin to prime and prepare the various surfaces.

I believe it is important that a piece of art have a visual presence from all sides, even the back! Below is a sample of my labeling on the backside of my paintings. In recent times, I have been punching the top corners with an ornate detail using a decorative puncher. Designs are available as a punch and a deboss.

If you are working on a new body of work and want assistance in moving your vision forward, I now have a unique mentorship program just for you! Through one-on-one live group chats on Zoom, you will be able to get guidance throughout your working process. At a pace you feel comfortable with, you will work in the comfort of your own studio on painting and drawing projects you aspire to do.
In addition, discussions regarding artistic growth and development, nurturing the creative spirit and developing personal content will also be included as a way to assist you on your creative path.​

Required: Computer with video and audio, access to the web.

You can sign-up for one session or receive a discount for multiple sessions. Meetings options are available month-to-month.



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